Public Speaker


"I would love to engage your audience and teach these transformational life and grief  healing skills!"

Conference Workshops and Keynotes

The following topics can be presented in a progression or stand-alone. All presentations can be tailored to fit your desired timeframe.

  • Choose to Believe...a story of Miracles, Healing and the Afterlife: Paige tells the riveting story of how her life changed, in a nano-second, when her son Bryan was murdered while away at college. As disbelief, shock, and overwhelming grief overcame her, she fought her way back to life (with the help of many friends and teachers), eventually awakening to a new way of being, a new way of living with her son by her side.
  • Heal unresolved grief: This action-based workshop provides a safe environment where the audience will be given specific tools to help them recover from loss accumulated over a lifetime, and ultimately lead toward living a happier life.
  • Dreaming BIG: YES, you can still live a life you love after the loss of a loved one! This powerful workshop is an introduction into the simple steps to discovering your dreams and finding the confidence to go after them. Transform your life and learn to live the life you want!


Reiki and Pranic Healing Certified

Transformational Grief Coach

Intuitive Grief Coach

Grief Recovery® Specialist

DreamBuilder Life Coach

Helping Parents Heal Affiliate Leader and Caring Listener