My grief journey continues after 4 years without my husband. I feel that Paige has definitely helped me to jump start that journey after "going through the motions" up until now. Her gift of teaching is so very appreciated.

– Patty B., Texas.

Paige is like an Angel guide connecting parents to the spirits of our children. Her weekly meditations are the greatest gift to my heart that I gave myself for the holidays. Every week was a magical meditation of deepening in the sacred connection with my son Logan. I truly felt each time, my spirit with his dancing together on heaven and earth forever. 

– Colleen E., California

When I joined Paige's class, I was in a dark place and not sure I would be able to receive anything. But with Paige's encouragement and committing to the process I found her tools more helpful than I could ever have imagined. At the end of the course, I began to see the growth and progress I made. I highly recommend this course. Paige's journey and her compassion and commitment to helping others through their grief was a blessing in my life. 

– Libby R., Ecuador

Paige is so lovely and understanding, she listened to me and offered me some advice that really helped me in my healing journey. She is a beautiful soul, and I am so thankful for her and her son Bryan, both of whom showed me a different way to process my feelings, find my path in this life from a soul perspective, and make a connection with my son, God and myself.

– Andrea R.