MomChild Reunion 2023

September 6-10, 2023 Stanley ID

A boutique grief healing retreat for Moms and their kids in Spirit

Located in Stanley ID on the banks of the Salmon River

Limited Availability of 11 guests

About the event

Registration for the 2023 MomChild Reunion is now OPEN!

This intimate, boutique grief healing experience is only for Moms with one or more children in Spirit, and limited to a maximum of 11 participants in order to preserve the small group, healing experience. We have worked hard to bring you the best experience possible!

Everything you need to know can be found right here on this page, and by clicking on the registration form above. Our retreats have a heavy emphasis on learning to connect with your child(ren) in spirit. We do that through teaching and practicing pendulum work, connection meditations, energy work, and channeled writing. There is life beyond physical death and you CAN still have a relationship with your child. There will also be plenty of time to just be, relax, breathe, and enjoy.

With only 11 spots available, we expect to fill up quickly. Check it out, and let us know if you have any questions! We can't wait to spend quality time with you in September in the breathtaking Sawtooth Valley.


Stanley is one of the last strongholds of the Idaho frontier. Unaffected, pristine, and planted at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountains on the banks of the Salmon River. It’s nestled in an amphitheater of rarely found natural beauty, a place that will leave an indelible impression on you from the moment you enter. Defined by the jagged peaks of the Sawtooth Range and the promise of the Salmon River, Stanley is a funky western town with eye popping sunsets that awakes each morning to the freshest air on earth.


The beauty of awakening your soul is a conscious choice for you to make. Spirit might offer the opportunity for awakening, but it is up to you to say yes and to allow it. The joy of discovering your loved ones in Spirit is but a breath away—a prayer to ask them to guide you and to help ease your pain


Retreat Activities Include








The Venue

Located right on the banks of the beautiful Salmon River, the property has two cabins on one large riverfront lot.

The Main Cabin can accommodate 5 guests

Bedroom layout Main Cabin:

  • 1 King bedroom downstairs (shares master bath with other guests)
  • 2 Queen rooms downstairs
  • 2 Twin beds in shared room downstairs
  • 2 Full bathrooms downstairs, including master, to be shared by all guests in this cabin


The Guest Cabin is steps away from the Main Cabin and can accommodate 6 guests

Bedroom layout Guest Cabin:

  • 1 King bedroom upstairs
  • 2 Twin beds in shared room upstairs
  • 1 Queen room downstairs
  • 2 Twin beds in shared room downstairs (note that it is necessary to pass through the queen bedroom in order to enter this shared bedroom)
  • 2 Full bathrooms to be shared by all guests in this cabin


King and Queen private bedrooms in each cabin are first come, first served and have an added cost (see below). Twin bedrooms are all shared and have no added cost.




Main cabin and view from deck


Guest cabin and gazebo

The Nitty Gritty


  • $550 non-refundable per person covers shared twin bedroom lodging and all meals.
  • $700 non-refundable per person for private queen or king bedroom lodging, and all meals. Private bedrooms are first come, first served. If you have a friend you'd like to share a king bedroom with there will be no added cost as this then becomes a shared room.
  • Alcohol and preference snacks at your cost (we will make stops on the way out of town).  
  • All retreat activities and materials are included in your registration cost.
  • RESERVATIONS AND FEES DUE BY JULY 1, 2023. Although currently 2023 is sold out, please fill out the waiting list form above and we will contact you if there are any cancellations.



  • Airfare to Boise Airport (BOI) and transport to Paige’s home at your cost (30 minute drive from the airport).  We will caravan from Paige's home to Stanley, approximately a 2 ½ hour (beautiful) drive.
  • Alternatively, you could fly into Hailey's Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN), outside of Sun Valley, ID. From there, take a taxi to Stanley, which is approximately 1 ½ hours north. It costs more to fly to Hailey than Boise but could be more convenient, especially if you need to have an early flight home on Sunday. Wood River Taxi in Hailey- 208-788-TAXI.
  • If a few guests take the Hailey option above, and we can coordinate times in advance, Stanley Shuttle has offered to transport up to 4 guests for $350/round trip (plus gratuity) from the airport to the cabins.
  • Please arrive in Boise no later than 2pm on Wednesday, Sept. 6th and depart Boise no earlier than 2pm on Sunday, Sept. 10th. If you are flying into Hailey and getting transport to Stanley, please arrive in Stanley no sooner than 7:00 pm.



Average temps in Stanley during September are 39°F for lows and 66°F for highs. Mornings and evenings will likely be chilly.



Because of the size of our group, individual mediumship readings and reiki healings are not feasible. However, we are thrilled to be providing two group mediumship demonstrations over zoom, which will be evidential in nature. The mediums will provide as many readings as possible but there is no guarantee you will receive a reading from your child. There will also be a group healing and channeled messages on our last night together.

Participating in group readings and channelings are a wonderful experience whether your loved ones come through or not. It's amazing how the messages can be relevant for all, not just one!

You will also receive reiki in a group, not individually. There may be time for a few individual reiki sessions, but again, no guarantees.

Nature feeds the soul. It is necessary and vital to knowing who you are.

When in nature, we can get a glimpse into our souls, a glimmer of truth into our reasons for being, a hint of understanding into the purpose behind our circumstances.

The whisper of God is in the air, your loved one is by your side,

and the beauty of nature surrounding you offers peace and calming





Paige Lee is a Grief Educator, Intuitive, Healer and Author. She volunteers as an affiliate leader for Helping Parents Heal and is also a Caring Listener for the organization. Read below about the absolutely divine guidance that led Paige to Sally Baldwin's MomChild Reunion in 2010!

Her spiritual awakening came abruptly and forcefully after her 23-year old son, Bryan, was brutally murdered in September 2008. Just as the only world she’d ever known was shattered, a new world opened. A world filled with Hope, Spirit, and Love; a world that allowed her not only to continue having a relationship with her son, but a world that opened her own true self into being. Paige is dedicated to her mission of helping people transcend their grief, and offers a variety of services including private coaching, online workshops and in-person retreats.



Nancy is a resident of Atlanta. She graduated from Georgia State University and earned a master’s degree in gifted education and a specialist degree in Educational leadership with an emphasis in neuroplasticity. Nancy retired after 30 years of teaching gifted children. She considered teaching her calling until her only child was murdered in 2006, and her extreme grief led her to the metaphysical world for comfort and meaning. Her passion now is helping other bereaved parents on their journey.

Nancy and her daughter Lauren were blessed to be a part of the 2010 MomChild Reunion with Paige and Bryan. Together with the other moms from that year's retreat, they are known as 'The Sun Valley Moms".

Guest Mediums (group readings via zoom)



Lisa Wilcoxson is a spiritual evidential medium, psychic, mystic and mentor. Naturally intuitive and having seen spirit since her teenaged years, Lisa dedicated herself to Spiritual work after both her children transcended. As a tested and certified medium (Find A Certified Medium), and a recommended provider for the Helping Parents Heal organization, Lisa is renowned for delivering detailed evidence and stunning connection in readings. She compassionately provides undeniable proof the bonds of love are unbreakable, there is no death, and our lives are forever intertwined. Having overcome great trauma, and with an abundance of gratitude for all the miracles along her path, Lisa’s mindful and inspirational guidance and connection has helped bereaved people across the globe.

With both her children in spirit, Lisa dedicates much of her time to Helping Parents Heal. She is an affiliate leader for two groups, one dedicated to parents whose special needs children have crossed, and one for parents who have lost all or their only child. She and her husband also support the MISS Foundation.

Lisa resides in Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona, with her husband Rick and their two dogs. Visit Lisa online at



Kathy MacMannis is a proud Mother of 3 beautiful boys, Conor, Jack and Aiden.  A Shining Light Mom of two, Conor and Aiden, who transitioned within 8 months  of each other in 2013.  

Kathy has been an empath and sensitive to energy her whole life. She is  embracing the abilities of Mediumship that have opened up since the transition of  her boys. She has studied mediumship under the excellent guidance of Suzanne  Giesemann, Mavis Pittilla, and Jean Else.  

The main goal in Kathy’s work is to help others to know that their loved ones are  still very much a part of their lives. To know that love is the most powerful force  there is, much stronger than physical death and to find, as she has, Heaven in  their hearts. 



Laura Mirante is an internationally recognized Spiritual Channel, as well as an evolutionary healer and teacher of soul-centered living. For 20 years, Laura has taken on the selfless responsibility of giving Spirit a voice. Through individual channeling sessions, group/public channels, podcasts, workshops, and her very essence of being, she inspires and leads others to greater union with their higher selves and soul’s purpose. With relentless faith and unwavering hope she assists the process of releasing fear, discovering personal truth and emerging in a life directed by soul.  Yet, her ultimate daily inspiration to live true to her soul is her role as a mother to her beautiful 11-year-old son Troy.


Laura’s journey to becoming “employed” by Spirit was not a lifelong calling like many before her. Quite the contrary, it was a series of life-altering events in her mid-thirties that initiated her awakening to her true purpose. She has come to call these events “the three D’s”: Disease, Divorce, and Death.  These intense experiences redirected her path to the eye opening connection and bond she built with Sally and Steve Baldwin; her life was never the same again. Perhaps unforeseen, but it was this divine union that allowed her to discover her gifts as a Spiritual channel.

Feedback from previous retreats

I had a really amazing time. I was so comfortable and so quickly connected with all of the moms. Having the opportunity to have readings and reiki was outstanding. The surroundings were breathtaking and who wouldn’t feel close to our kids there, with the river right there...unbelievable! So much work went into all of it and I am grateful for it. A fabulous way to spend a weekend with my son and the beautiful moms and kids we were there with.
-- Patty, Brandon's Mom, Washington

I was so lucky and privileged to attend Paige's McCall 2022 Retreat. It was life-changing for me. Paige put together an amazing experience for us. There was so much thought and consideration for each participant. She made all of us feel so special and loved.

I not only felt the love from my child, but everyone else’s child as well. I also walked away with five new amazing friends. I am so grateful for this experience!
-- Colleen, Tyler's Mom, California

I went on Paige's Stanley Retreat hoping that it would help with my grief and perhaps strengthen my spiritual connection with my daughter. Working with Paige turned out to be such a blessing; she is kind, compassionate, funny and so knowledgeable. She shared so many of her experiences which gave me the tools to help me move forward on my journey. In addition, I cannot express how wonderful it is to spend time with other moms that have experienced a child transition. We all bonded immediately and had an amazing time together. These ladies will be lifelong friends. Since the retreat I have found peace and my connection with spirit has grown. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Paige. She is such an amazing soul and I know I will work with her again as I continue on my healing journey.

-- Carolyn, Cara's Mom, Colorado

I've been working with Paige for two years. I jumped at the chance to attend her retreat in McCall, ID. It was fabulous! Paige is very gifted. If you're looking for someone to help you with your grief, Paige Lee is the one. She has helped me tremendously, or I would be in a deep dark hole of depression. With her help, I'm not.

-- Teresa, Jeff's Mom, Florida

This retreat was amazing.  Exactly what I needed on my journey to healing.  As one who is living with mother’s grief this retreat offered experiences to allow for some self forgiveness and healing.  Being surrounded with so much love from other mothers who are on their healing journey, offered me the support I needed to take a step away from deep despair and move toward living again.  I would highly recommend any one who has suffered such great grief to consider a retreat like this.  As a wise woman once asked, “Does it resonate with you?”

-- Sheila, Noah's Mom, Japan

Paige Lee is an exceptional teacher, mentor and grief coach. She has provided countless free sessions to those in need and puts on retreats that are informative and uplifting. I participated in her Mom/Child retreat in Stanley, Idaho. Paige and her helpers drove us to the retreat from Boise, fed us fabulous meals, and provided an environment for healing and friendship. While there were activities planned throughout the day and evening, there always was enough time to be on our own to absorb what we were learning. Paige made sure that we had all of the supplies that we needed and brought in other experts in the various modalities we were being taught to connect with our kids across the veil. The lasting friendships made with the other shining light Moms has been invaluable in the time since. I can’t recommend Paige highly enough. She truly is a blessing.

-- Deb, Dean's Mom, Texas

I had the opportunity to spend time with Paige at one of her retreats, and she is incredible. She has such a wonderful warmth in her heart, it is so healing. It was incredible to spend time with her. If you have the opportunity to ever attend one of her retreats or connect with her in any way, I highly encourage it. I feel so much more connected with my son after this experience and she provided so many healing tools for us to utilize in our process of healing and connecting with our children.

-- Sheri, Gordon's Mom, North Carolina

I have to be honest with you, this retreat was the most amazing experience that I've had in a very very long time. Paige gave me tools to help me cope with the loss of my son. She also is loving and compassionate and intuitve. She is the real deal, and if you're looking for someone who can support you with reiki, she is your go-to. The ability that she has to help you connect with your child through meditation is truly one of the most amazing gifts she has. I know you will feel her spirit when you attend her retreats.

-- Sandy, Adam's Mom, Texas

I attended the Stanley retreat in 2022.  I am a Mom of a child that passed too soon, Natalie Ann is her name. At  that time I was just over 2 years into my journey and it was truly one of the best things I did for myself.  Paige has a terrific way of being with the group of Moms as she also knows the grief path.  She gathered others to help that are full of compassion. Paige, along with the others had so much knowledge and they shared it with love.

Of course, meeting the other Moms was the best, getting to know them and their children- we will all be lifelong friends. I loved and appreciated it so very much and I hope we can all meet in person someday soon.

-- Julie, Natalie Ann's Mom, Minnesota

In Tribute to Sally Baldwin

In the spring of 2010, I attended the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. This annual event is a lovely festival with all types of new age and spiritual businesses on hand selling their crafts, jewelry, and services. I went with my friend Jill Renee Feeler, who is now a leading spiritual teacher and intuitive. Jill had a small booth at the festival and I went to support and assist her.

During a break, as I was roaming the exhibit hall, I noticed a banner that read “MomChild Reunion” at the end of a long row of booths. I saw a man there, and a few pieces of literature on the table. That was all. Very plain—nothing shiny or fancy to draw you in. I shied away from the booth, intent on spending my time at more interesting displays: Discover your Soul Purpose, See Your Aura Colors, Reflexology—fun things like that. That little voice in my head (you know the one) kept telling me to go talk to the man at the booth. I pointedly ignored the voice and avoided the booth again, instead venturing around the corner and into a conversation with a lovely woman who provided Soul Purpose readings based on your fingerprints. (I did actually purchase that reading which was quite phenomenal.) Yet still the little voice persisted. Having learned that the voice will not be quieted when it has something important to say, I walked over to the booth. Our conversation went something like this:

me:  Hi. I’m not sure why I’m here but . . .

man:  Hi, how are you today?

me:  I’m fine, thank you. What do you do?

man:  My name is Steve Baldwin and my wife, Sally Baldwin, and I hold a retreat for mothers who have lost a child.

me: (surprised) Oh! Well, I have lost a child.

man: Really? Well, if you’d like to sign up, we will send you some information.

Steve and I chatted for a little bit. I learned that his wife, Sally, was a gifted and well-known medium and channeler who had written numerous books. The MomChild Reunion was a sponsored event that she and Steve put all their energy into. This was their second year of holding the retreat. As promised, Steve sent me the application and I applied. I later discovered there were over one-hundred applicants and only seven of us were chosen to attend. Virtually all of our expenses (with the exception of my gas driving from Boise to Sun Valley) were paid by a beautiful and generous woman who sponsored the entire event—airfare, hotel rooms, meals—truly amazing. Almost all of the applicants had heard about the retreat from a website and chat room for grieving parents that I was not a part of.

Nothing short of absolute divine intervention placed me in the right place at the right time to meet Steve and to hear about the MomChild Reunion opportunity. I am so glad that I listened to my inner voice and approached Steve Baldwin that day. Later, Sally told me that Bryan literally would not leave her alone during the selection process. “Pick my mom, pick my mom, you HAVE to pick my mom,” he told her daily, until she replied, “Bryan your mom is in!” That wasn’t the first or the last time that Bryan was pretty pushy with a medium to get what he wanted!

The workshop was a three-and-a-half-day event in Sun Valley, Idaho in October 2010. Our group consisted of myself and six other moms from Oregon, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, New Zealand, and England. Our children’s death dates ranged from only a few months prior to the retreat to the span of two and a half years prior. For me it had been just over two years since Bryan had died. While I had already been dabbling in the spiritual world, the Baldwins opened my eyes to a set of healing tools that further prepared me to help myself and others.

It was a powerful weekend absolutely jam-packed with information. One night we gathered in one of our hotel rooms at the Sun Valley Resort and started a huge pillow fight. We laughed and rolled around on the beds and the floor, just to unwind and temper our sadness a bit. We remarked at the time, “If people could see us now they wouldn’t believe that we are all grieving mothers, they would think we are crazy.” We WERE crazy—crazy with love for Sally and Steve, for each other, and of course for our children who were developing these new relationships with us. We would walk along the gorgeous grounds of the resort and breathe in the mountain air. We ate fabulous food and laughed some more. For some of our group, those were the first laughs in a long time.

That retreat reopened my heart, gave me renewed purpose and catapulted me forward in my healing. By coming together as a group to share our stories, feel our pain, and learn the tools that would help us heal, the seven of us became forever bonded. We are called The Sun Valley Moms and we hold regular reunions to this day.

Above all else, though, Sally taught us how to communicate with our children. She gifted each of us a beautiful crystal pendulum and an alphabet wheel, teaching us a method by which we could talk to our kids. For me, this form of channeling opened the door to communicate directly with Bryan.

Heartbreakingly, Sally passed away in 2012 from heart disease. She and Steve hosted one more MomChild Reunion in 2011 but there were to be no more. She is sorely missed by all who knew her, and especially by the Moms who were fortunate enough to be blessed by her, and whose lives she dramatically changed.

It is our honor to carry the torch for Sally's work in this way, and offer you our own version of The MomChild Reunion. We dedicate this and all of our Idaho retreats to our amazing friend and mentor, Sally Baldwin.

                                                                          With love and gratitude, Paige and Nancy

Your Healing Begins Now

Choosing to consciously grieve, consciously heal, consciously grow is how I healed from the death of my only living child.

Making the decision to choose to believe that he still lives, choosing to believe that I could still have a relationship with him, was a game changer.

Following the guidance of Spirit always led me to the next teacher on my journey. I learned to say YES and to trust in the guidance I was receiving.