KAT BAILLIE, MEDIUM | SPIRIT CHANNEL | HEALER | TEACHER KAT-B.COM with Paige Lee, Grief Educator, Intuitive, healer, Author www.paigewlee.com


Kat B is a UK Demonstrating Evidential Platform Spirit Medium, Inspirational speaker, Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Connection Coach and Teacher, with an open heart and a whole lot of love. A former leader and retail executive within the UK fashion Industry, she changed her career to focus 100% on spiritual work, at spirit’s request, a few years prior to the global covid- 19 pandemic. Now a full time popular evidential medium, she teaches, manages private bookings and demonstrates both privately and voluntarily for charities, to support the bereaved. An avid talker on grief, her focus is on linking modalities to help people transcend pain and suffering, after achieving this for herself, after suffering personal loss.

A clinical hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, who specializes in PSTD, emotional disorders and grief she sees connection and mediumship as another route to healing post grief, believing that all people can connect.

A trance medium who also channels spirit for writing, inspirational speaking, talks, teaching and sound healing, she loves experimenting with spirit to understand more about connection and healing modalities.



Paige Lee is a certified Grief Coach, Intuitive, Healer, Speaker, Meditation Guide and Author. She also volunteers as an Affiliate Leader and a Caring Listener for the non-profit organization Helping Parents Heal. Her weekly zoom meeting for HPH attracts many parents seeking ways to find their child in Spirit.

Her spiritual awakening came abruptly and forcefully after her 23-year old son, Bryan, was brutally murdered in September 2008. Just as the only world she'd ever known was shattered, a new world opened. A world filled with Hope, Spirit, and Love, a world that allowed her not only to continue having a relationship with her son, but a world that opened her own true self into being. Paige is driven to help others release their fears, negative blocks and diminishing beliefs about who they think they are, and become the beautiful, shining light that they truly are. When we let go of our paradigms that hold us prisoner and limit our ability to thrive, we learn to live a life full of peace, abundance, and joyful purpose.

In September 2020 Paige published her first book, Choose to Believe: A Story of Miracles, Healing, and the Afterlife. The book was born of the pact she made with her son, after his death, to share their story and help others overcome the profound grief after the death of a loved one.