Our holiday meditations were just what I needed this time of year. They help to calm and ground me.  Your calming voice leads us into a deep relaxation. I felt the love and connection with my son, Adam and my other family members in spirit. It's truly such a wonderful experience of peace, love, joy and comfort all in one.   

– Laurie N., Canada

Paige is like an Angel guide connecting parents to the spirits of our children. Her weekly meditations are the greatest gift to my heart that I gave myself for the holidays. Every week was a magical meditation of deepening in the sacred connection with my son Logan. I truly felt each time, my spirit with his dancing together on heaven and earth forever. 

– Colleen E., California

I loved Paige's Connect with Your Loved One Holiday Meditation series. We had five weeks of love, nurturing and connection.  Even though I regularly connect and meditate on my own, there is something very special about meditating in a circle with the energy of everyone's loved ones and children surrounding you love.  Paige has a beautiful way of making people feel valued, heard, and included.  She is vulnerable and loving and creates a sacred circle of acceptance, honesty, and openness. I highly recommend Paige's classes and meditations.  And you get to keep the meditations in a sound cloud so you can do them again, which is so very generous of her.  Thank you Paige 

– Carrie B., New Jersey

Thank you so much for a beautiful meditation. I really struggled today and I needed to connect so badly. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

– Julie S., Spain

Thank you, Paige, you are such a gift and your meditation lead is phenomenal...what a wonderful way to start my day...meeting with Dylan, sharing love and hugs together and receiving some heart soothing messages as he guides and encourages me along our way. It is such a privilege to be with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you Paige... You make a difference in this world and I am so grateful to you for it... for the difference you and Bryan make in mine 

- Jo G., New Zealand