October 5 - November 16, 2021

In this seven week online workshop, you will be taken on a journey to discover your connection to your loved one in Spirit. You will be guided on how to move into the light of healing, connection, and purpose.

We do this through building the connection between your soulful layers and your human layers. In these soulful connections you can find healing for your heart, and you can find the relationship with your loved one that you desire, and deserve!

During our 7 weeks together you will be taken on a journey to not only understand your grief, but free yourself of limitations that are ultimately holding you back from living a new life after loss.

We will gather at 4pm EST every Tuesday beginning October 5th and ending on November 16th, 2021. Each session will last up to two hours.

Spirit and our loved ones guide us, always, and will greet us in the sacred space that we will create together. We remain open to the direction and messages they provide each week.

What’s Included

  • 14 hours of spiritual guidance, which includes valuable time  to share your connection wins and vent your frustrations
  • Free recorded meditations
  • Digital Recording of each class
  • Email support throughout the program and beyond

The pathway to connection, happiness and joy is part of the grief journey; for me it was a critical part! The very first step I took in my own journey was to find out how to make the connection with my son. I did this while I was deeply grieving, and while I was learning how to process the intense pain of his passing.

This workshop is very different from anything I’ve taught before. We are breaking conventional theories and ideas and moving into a space that allows for expansion, light, connection and intuition.

Let’s get started!


"This process has helped me to first identify my issues and then to learn to let go of them in order to be emotionally healthy. Paige’s candid, sincere style is very refreshing and the use of handouts and charts were very helpful."
- Kelly 

"Paige helped me realize that letting go of my pain doesn’t mean I have to let go of my loved one."
- Patty

"I learned that the old conversation in my head has to be gone! These sessions have definitely helped with my healing. Paige did a fabulous job showing me tools to use daily. I love the way she went over the assignments, gave examples and let me do the work."
- Gena 

"Paige has provided me with the tools I needed to face the many great losses in my life. By walking through this one I now have the courage and tools which I can continue to use the rest of my life."
- CarlaJean

This course with Paige was more than I expected. She coached and helped me dig deep into my trauma and grief, leading me with patience and compassion. Her coaching method works! I will be forever grateful for her caring and understanding as I continue to heal. Thank you Paige!

- Daisy W.