Into the Light

Saturday, April 10 - Sunday April 11, 2021

In this two day online workshop, join together with a small group of like-minded souls to move OUT of the darkness and INTO the LIGHT. Out of the darkness of grief, and INTO the LIGHT of healing.

You will learn how to lean into your grief healing with grace, understanding, joy, and a vision for a better future.

We will gather Saturday from 11am-1pm, take a two hour break, and gather again from 3pm-5pm, MST. Repeat on Sunday. There will be small assignments for you to complete during the breaks.

Four sessions over two days, 8 hours total instruction.

You will learn how to:

  • Process unresolved grief so that you can move out of your pain story
  • Let go of guilt and blame
  • Shift your pain into fuel
  • Create a path forward that includes your loved one
  • Vision new hopes and dreams for your life

Reading Paige’s book, Choose to Believe: A Story of Miracles, Healing, and the Afterlife, is required before the workshop begins.

Have you had enough pain? Are you ready to do the hard work of healing?

Please know that healing is possible. You are bigger than your story of pain!

Throughout the course of this  comprehensive workshop you will be asked to be honest. You will be required to participate. Your loved one in Spirit will be right by your side, offering whatever assistance and support you need.

You will learn spiritual tools to enhance your grief healing journey;  real action items that you can use in your daily life. These tools will help you navigate the rocky terrain of grief. They will help you turn your pain into fuel.

You will learn how to begin to make a real connection with your loved one in Spirit. You will be introduced to powerful techniques that will help you in this effort.

Spirit guides us, always, and our loved ones will gather to greet us in the sacred space that we will create together.

Are you in? Are you ready to begin to find your loved one, as they are now, and build a new life with them by your side? 

What’s Included

  • Pre-workshop 20 minute phone call with Paige
  • Digital Recording of each session
  • Email support throughout the program and beyond

Grief is a journey. Join with me, and let's move OUT of the darkness, and INTO the LIGHT. 

This small group workshop is limited to 8 participants. If you are ready to take your grief healing to the next level, sign up below!


"This process has helped me to first identify my issues and then to learn to let go of them in order to be emotionally healthy. Paige’s candid, sincere style is very refreshing and the use of handouts and charts were very helpful."
- Kelly 

"Paige helped me realize that letting go of my pain doesn’t mean I have to let go of my loved one."
- Patty

"I learned that the old conversation in my head has to be gone! These sessions have definitely helped with my healing. Paige did a fabulous job showing me tools to use daily. I love the way she went over the assignments, gave examples and let me do the work."
- Gena 

"Paige has provided me with the tools I needed to face the many great losses in my life. By walking through this one I now have the courage and tools which I can continue to use the rest of my life."
- CarlaJean