Intuitive Grief Healing Session

Intuitive Grief Healing Session, Paige W. Lee

This unique session is for anyone grieving the death of a loved one. Part intuitive session, part numerology session, part coaching session - this one-time, stand alone hour will change your outlook on grief!

Paige will share with you the numerological influences that define your personal spiritual path and help you discover the spiritual gifts that you brought with you to this lifetime. This information is empowering to know so that you can understand better how to begin to move forward, beyond your pain, and into your mastery.

Prior to your session, Paige will connect with your loved one in Spirit and will receive written messages for you. Bryan calls these messages “Love Letters from Heaven”.  Bryan is always present during our sessions and helps those on his side of the veil come through. Messages during our session will always include some evidential validation of Paige's connection with your beloved, and more.

She will also connect with your Spirit team, receiving their guidance on your path as well. This is an interactive session, with time for your questions and comments.

You are bigger than your story of pain! You have a contribution to make to the world and Paige will help you discover what that is. Paige is here to:

  • ASSIST YOU in moving out of the darkness of grief and into the light of healing
  • ENCOURAGE YOU to reach for the fullness of a purposeful life
  • EMPOWER YOU with the knowledge that only the body ever dies, our loved ones live on and our spiritual connection to them remains


 The Intuitive Grief Healing Session with Paige was an incredibly comforting, healing and informative experience.
   Without any prior knowledge or personal communication, Paige already knew me and my beloved mother, as evidenced by the impressions received during her meditation and the written love letter provided to me.
   I was hoping to connect with Paige in order to learn from her spiritual journey and gain tools to navigate my grief as gracefully as she has handled the loss of her son, but I received so much more!
   I highly recommend Paige's book as well as the Intuitive Grief Session...your life will be changed in an uplifting and profound way!"

                 --- Jessica P.

After reading Paige’s book, Choose to Believe, I signed up for a one-on-one Intuitive Grief Healing Session with her.  I found the session to be very informative. The information she shared with me, not knowing my story, resonated with my reality. 
The experience reaffirmed my belief that my son is with me and that we can continue to communicate with one another.  I can’t begin to say how wonderful and valuable my session with Paige was, and I strongly recommend the experience.
      --- KTR

An Intuitive Grief Healing Session with Paige was just what I needed following the death of my beloved son.

To meet with Paige during this unimaginable pain was a gift. She explained my birth path that will propel, motivate and comfort me along my remaining journey. Paige is remarkably compassionate and was right on in her description of my son when he was here in the physical. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough to express my gratitude. I’ll be booking my next session soon!

      --- Angie

I am so grateful to have had the incredible experience of a private Intuitive Grief Healing Session with Paige.

Paige provided empowering information from my guides that detail my spiritual path, purpose, and much guidance for my grief journey. She delivered validations from my son that were spot on and also an inspiring and specific message from him. In addition, Paige explained my birth path using numerology. The accuracy of this information is remarkable and motivating me to transform my pain into action and peace.

Paige also walked me through “sitting in the power”,  an effective meditation technique for connection. I highly recommend a session with Paige to anyone searching for guidance on their purpose and life path. 

        --- Cathie