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Being ‘In the Flow’

March 20, 2021
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Energy Flows where Intention Goes

December 30, 2020

My teacher Sue Frederick explained that 2020, as a 22 year in numerology, has been a year that was all about getting us to transform. And WOW did we! Haven’t we transformed so many things in our lives? Our work environment, our social lives, our interpersonal relationships, our spiritual practices – so much was transformed for so many of us in this tumultuous year that we are leaving behind. For me personally, 2020 was a good year, but I know that this was not the case for many people. So many of us experienced the death of a loved one in 2020, or illness, lack of employment, decreased finances, lack of social interaction, depression, homelessness, and more. We will all be happy to put this calendar year behind us, I am sure. And while everything won’t change in an instant, we know that, perhaps slowly, life will return to some sort of normalcy, back to life as we knew it pre-2020. As we look to 2021, please know that this coming 5 year is one of expansion, adventure, expecting the unexpected. This will be a turning point year, we will have much freedom to explore, so you are advised to …

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Will You Comfort a Stranger?

November 26, 2020

Holidays sure do have a way of creeping up on you. If you’ve lost someone you love dearly, you know what I mean. I was on a plane coming home from Seattle this morning and out of nowhere, literally nowhere, I started to cry, even before the plane took off. I had not been sad, I had not even been thinking about the holidays or my son at that moment. I cried and I cried (as silently as I could and trying to hide behind my scarf) all the way to Boise. I just couldn’t stop. I haven’t cried like that in a long time. You see, there were just so many mothers and fathers and sons and daughters on the plane traveling to be with their families for Thanksgiving….I could feel that “family coming together” energy SO strongly and it was just too much for me, I guess. Finally, as the pilot announced our initial descent into Boise, the grandmotherly woman in the seat next to me touched my arm and said “I see you are in pain”. I nodded, tears streaming down my face. “Have you lost someone you love?” she asked? I nodded, and choked out the …

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Spirit answers ‘How can I go on?’

October 23, 2020

We want you to understand that this was a choice you made when you were here. Your capacity to love is endless and you will feel it again in your life. Bryan knew that you could support him like no other. We know living with his physical death is more difficult than you thought it would be. Life is often difficult which is why some of us choose to stay here. Time is not relevant. You will see Bryan again, sooner than you think, and it will be glorious! He is glorious, and he is waiting for that day also.  In the meantime, we want you to focus on the self, the journey, and prepare yourself. For the day is coming near that all hearts must choose. Choose love or choose fear. You and your friends are discovering the joy of pure love—that state of being that is pure bliss when you are filled with God, and unconditional love for all matter and all beings. Bryan is but one of those beautiful beings. Expand your love to include everyone. We know it is difficult. We know you miss him so. You will see him as you remember him, but your …

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Spirit talks about Grief

September 14, 2020

There is a knowingness in silence…in stillness. Reach for the limitless of your potential in that quiet place of the higher mind. You are a unique, powerful, amazing aspect of the Creator God. Grief is so often the catalyst for our greatest growth. At first it is like a warm fuzzy blanket that we wrap around ourselves, because we are in too much pain and we are too afraid to let go of it. When we are strong enough to let it go…like discarding a pair of comfortable old jeans with holes in them, our inner light can shine once again. We can at that point transcend our grief and begin the journey toward merging with our higher self, our soul, and the Creator God. Until one is ready to discard the blanket of grief, they are being protected and watched and loved by many of us. It is a process dear one, and all will release when they are ready to do so. Satisfy yourselves for now with the knowledge that your loved ones are safe. They are existing in their multidimensional state as ALL THAT THEY ARE….it is a beautiful sight to behold, indeed. It is true that …

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Introducing Paige and Bryan

August 3, 2020

Hello friends. My name is Paige Lee. I was raised Presbyterian and I have always believed in God, although my family was not very religious and we did not attend church much after I was 10 years old or so. Throughout my life I have searched for the church that was the ‘right fit’ for me, one where I felt I could be myself and not feel as though I were being persecuted or that I wasn’t ‘good enough’. One that didn’t judge or lead with hypocrisy. I never did find that church. What I ultimately did find, though, was my spirituality. As is often the case it took a tragic, soul-rocking, life-changing event to bring it about. My spiritual awakening arrived abruptly and forcefully after my only child, Bryan Richard Frost, was murdered while he was attending college at the University of Southern California in September 2008. Believe me, I have agonized over why my son’s death needed to be the catalyst that would launch me on my spiritual journey. I’ve learned much about that and, while I still don’t like it, I think I understand now why it had to be that way for me. But that’s another …

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