Numerology and Intuitive Connections

In a private zoom session with Paige, you will learn about the numerological influences that define your personal spiritual path and discover the spiritual gifts that you brought with you to this lifetime. This information is empowering to know so that you can better understand how to begin to move forward, beyond your pain, and into your mastery.

You are bigger than your story of pain! You have a contribution to make to the world and Paige will help you discover what that is. Once you remember your soul's intention, you can create your dream or vision to support that intention and create a life that you will love living again!

As an intuitive, Paige will meditate on your path and connect with your Spirit team to receive messages that are in your highest and best good.

Questions answered during your session might include:

  • Am I on my spiritual path? If not, what is standing in my way?
  • What is my life purpose anyway?
  • What spiritual gifts did I intend to share with others in this life?
  • What are my current challenges and how can I overcome them?
  • Are there life changes I might consider that would result in my physical body’s optimum health?
  • Do I allow others’ energies to drag me down?
  • Do my emotional and etheric energy bodies need healing?
  • How do I begin to find God/Divine Creator within? What does that mean?

Transcending Grief Private Coaching

Paige's 14+ years as a parent of a child in Spirit, and her 12+ years as a spiritual coach and healer will provide the expertise you need to help you move through your grief with grace, understanding and peace.

Paige speaks from her heart. As an Intuitive, Spirit works with her to provide exactly what is needed.

Whether you are seeking clarity and/or validation of your truth and the courage to carry out your purpose, or need help navigating the rocky terrain of early grieving, or want help learning how to make a connection with your loved one in Spirit, Paige can help.

Working with her Spirit team and yours, they will provide insights, clarity and guidance to the issues and challenges you are facing.

Rediscover the ability within you to transform the quality of your life. You are bigger than your story of pain! You have a contribution to make to the world and Paige will help you discover what that is.

Sessions may be booked individually or in multiples. A discounted package of 5 sessions is also available via the link below.

Transcending Grief Private Coaching (Package of 5)
Private grief coaching is most successful with more than one session.  People who sign up for a package are making a long-term commitment and are fully invested in their own healing. If you are ready to heal and need a guiding hand, this package provides a discount to you of $75.00 over purchasing five individual sessions.