Choose to Believe is Paige Lee's first book, born of the pact she made with her son, after his death, to share their story and help others overcome the profound grief after the death of a loved one.

After her son Bryan was murdered in 2008, Paige was patiently and lovingly guided by Spirit on a pathway to healing her grief. She came to understand that dying is not what she thought it was, and to understand that her life with her son did not end just because he is not here with her physically.

International Best Selling Author Tom Zuba with Paige Lee




Paige Lee signing books at a Helping Parents Heal conferencd in Arizona.



Paige teaches how to awaken a new understanding of living beyond the loss, seeing the signs from beyond, and finding joy on your journey through grief.”

– ROLAND COMTOIS, Medium, Speaker, and Author of Signs of Spirit 

As a bereaved mother and spirit medium, Paige’s story resonates with my own experiences and knowing. I applaud Paige for diving into the depths of her healing and authentically sharing with her readers what she has learned. Paige found her son, Bryan, and she also found deep healing and empowerment that comes from getting to know one’s own soul and higher power. I highly recommend Choose To Believe to any grieving person who is in search of healing.

- RACHEL PEARSON, Spirit Messenger

Paige Lee has written a must-read account of a mother’s love and of saying good-bye too soon, inviting us all to trust in eternal life, continued connection with lost loved ones and a closer relationship to Spirit.

– JILL RENEE FEELER, Visionary in cosmology, consciousness and spirituality

If you are interested in healing your shattered heart following the death of your beloved, this is a must read.  A must read!

– TOM ZUBA, #1 Best Selling Author of Permission to Mourn and Becoming Radiant

Choose To Believe is for us and others to grasp the reality of life and death, to witness through this mom’s raw, yet eloquent words how her love only grew for her beloved only child and for the many significant people who joined her on this path to healing and reinvestment in life. She not only shares her heart with us, but offers suggestions and resources that are so needed and helpful for others to explore. 

– SARA RUBLE, Scott’s mom,

The tragic murder of her son, Bryan, was the catalyst for Paige Lee’s cathartic journey that led to her transformation. Opening her heart and mind to possibilities she’d not previously considered, Paige came to see a blurring of the lines between life and death. Was Bryan still alive in some form and able to confirm his well-being? It seemed so, and that made all the difference as Paige experienced healing and discovered a renewed sense of life purpose.

– MARK IRELAND, Author of Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go and Messages from the Afterlife