Paige offers compassion and understanding to assist you with identifying and clearing your negative life issues; including grief, pain and self-worth. Through clearing these issues, you can move one step closer to attaining your own next master level on your spiritual journey.

“My son and only child, Bryan, was murdered in 2008 when he was only 23 years old. Since then, I have been lovingly guided from feeling complete despair and hopelessness to feeling true happiness again in my life. My journey now includes assisting others who have experienced a profound loss, especially parents who have lost a child, in understanding that dying is not what they may think it is, and to understand that their life with that soul does not end just because they are not here with us physically”.

Many of us are so shattered by the loss of the people we love so dearly. Whether that person is a child, a parent, a spouse, a sibling or a great friend, the pain we feel can be so overwhelming and all-encompassing that the healing and love being sent by our loved ones and others in Spirit just can’t get through. We are so lost and so distraught, so left behind by abandonment. We think our lives are forever different, so changed, that we cannot find happiness anymore. We can’t find our loved ones in Spirit.

Did you know that you can still have a relationship with your loved ones on the other side?

Did you know that you can learn how to communicate with them?

Communicating with those in Spirit is not a special gift that only ‘the chosen’ have the ability to do. Every one of us possesses that special gift, it’s just that most people have not yet discovered and embraced these gifts in themselves. Paige is here to help you do that. Through sharing the gifts and tools that she has been so blessed to receive, you too can learn how to connect with your loved ones on the other side.

Part of this process, while unique for each of us, may require us to face our deepest fears, our most painful emotions, and release them….identify them, feel them, and then release them. It's really about healing unresolved grief. Those should haves, could haves, wish I hads, wish I hadn'ts, hopes dreams, expectations....these are all forms of unspoken communications that result in unresolved grief. Paige will help you resolve your grief so that you can allow the loving, light-filled thoughts and emotions of your soul being to take their place. So that you can allow the signs and messages being sent by your loved one in Spirit to be heard and seen and felt, by you. This is how we begin to heal ourselves.

When you are ready, there is an an important step forward that can be difficult, but must be done. We must set aside everything we thought we knew, everything we may have been taught to believe about death and dying, and say firmly "I’m going to find my way and I’m going to find a connection now to who it is I love, and I’m going to INSIST that I can do it while I’m here in this physical form and they’re in Spirit form. I’m going to keep that doorway open and stop pushing it away with grief and sorrow, and insisting that it’s not a reality" (quote: Sally Baldwin, deceased, author and founder of The MomChild Reunion).

It IS a reality, and yet our loved ones are right beside us still.

One of the most important lessons that Bryan learned in his passing, and that he so passionately wants to convey to all of us who are in physical form, is that “we don’t have to wait until we die to have the experience of knowing that we can instantly transport ourselves to another way of feeling and another way of being, another way of existing here on this earth. We can alter and shift immediately, without having to wait for those difficult life lessons and hardships that are so often the catalysts for our greatest growth”.

Whether your spirit needs healing because of grief or because of life’s daily challenges and struggles, please know that you have the power to heal yourself. You have the power to lift yourself up, to look within and find your joy. It is now time for all of us to reclaim our personal power and step up into being all that we came here to be.

“I am at your service. The rest of my life is dedicated to The Divine Creator, to my son, and to helping others."

I believe that we are capable of releasing our pain attached to the death of our loved one.

I believe that when we choose LIFE, there are no limits to what we can do.

I believe that we absolutely can live a life full of love, peace, happiness and purpose again.

I believe that the more we live our dreams, the more we ignite the world to do the same."



Paige lives with her husband, Dwaine. They love to travel and spend as much time as they can with their five grandchildren. Paige takes every opportunity to be outdoors and, especially, to hike the many trails in the spectacular hills and foothills near her home.