Paige's spiritual awakening came abruptly and forcefully after her 23-year old son, Bryan, was brutally murdered in September 2008. Just as the only world she’d ever known was shattered, a new world opened. A world filled with Hope, Spirit, and Love; a world that allowed her not only to continue having a relationship with her son, but a world that opened her own true self into being.

Paige is driven to help others release their fears, negative blocks and diminishing beliefs about who they think they are, and become the beautiful, shining soul full of love and light that they truly are. When we let go of our paradigms that hold us prisoner and limit our ability to thrive, we learn to live a life full of peace, abundance, and joyful purpose.

Paige W. Lee, Author and Storyteller
Paige W. Lee

I'm Paige Lee. Choosing to consciously grieve, consciously heal, consciously grow is how I healed from the death of my only living child. Making the decision to choose to believe that he still lives, choosing to believe that I could still have a relationship with him, was a game changer. These concepts just might help you too, and are laid out in detail in my book, Choose to Believe.


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Sept 6-10, 2023


I would definitely recommend Paige to any one going though grief! Very caring way about her and she understands loss!

– Teresa L., Florida

I highly recommend Paige.  Her experience with loss and grief gives her the insight and knowledge to help in healing.  I was in great pain from past traumatic memories.  Paige helped me break through my deep trauma and suffering.  I’ve had tremendous losses and I now feel I can continue on my grief healing journey with less pain, saying good-bye to those chapters in my life.

– Daisy W., Colorado

My grief journey continues after 4 years without my husband. I feel that Paige has definitely helped me to jump start that journey after "going through the motions" up until now. Her gift of teaching is so very appreciated.

– Patty B., Texas